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Breadth: Curated by jill moniz @ Good Luck Gallery

Breadth is curator jill moniz’s response to the exhibition Outliers and American Vanguard Art, in which she insists on a fresh look at the language and aesthetics to break down categories and controlling narratives. Breadth examines what it means to be a maker with intention and emotion, where making is the expressive conduit of creative energy without consideration of the canon or the exclusionary institutional gaze.

Sean Dougall and Andrew Paulson, Yrneh Gabon, Gronk, Debbie Han, Ed Love (1936 -1999), Dominique Moody, Marisela Norte, and Ann Weber, actively resist labels, expanding the idea that art is both an impulse and a sustaining practice. Each artist has been influenced by the multiple border crossings and intersections that constitute and give breadth to Los Angeles artists communities.

The work in Breadth defies boundaries. These artists are not interested in polite, distant viewing; instead they see their work as catalysts for a necessary visual literacy, creating art that lives.

The Good Luck Gallery presents Breadth, a glimpse into the possibility of art without labels.

The Good Luck Gallery

945 Chung King Road (Chinatown) 
Los Angeles, CA 90012